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Violations Fine
 Driving a vehicle without a permit from the licensing authority Dhs.200
 Driving a vehicle with an expired driving license Dhs.100
 Driving a vehicle whose type is not in the license Dhs.200
 Driving with a license from a foreign country Dhs.150
 Driving a vehicle with an expired booklet Dhs.100
 Not presenting driving license when requested Dhs.100
 Not presenting booklet when requested Dhs.100
 Driving a taxi without a permit Dhs.100
 Exceeding speed limit (By Radar) Dhs.200
 Driving recklessly and causing danger to public Dhs.200
 Jumping red traffic signals Dhs.500
 Disobeying traffic policeman's instructions Dhs.200
 Absconding from traffic policeman Dhs.200
 Refusal to give name/address to traffic policeman Dhs.200
 Failing to observe traffic signs & instructions Dhs.100
 Obstructing traffic Dhs.100
 Not giving way to emergency/officical vehicles Dhs.200
 Not giving way to vehicles comming from left Dhs.100
 Performing illegal turning manoeuvre Dhs.100
 Overtaking on the right or dangerously Dhs.150
 Not giving signals when turning or changing lane Dhs.150
 Reversing in a dangerous manner Dhs.100
 Violating NO ENTRY sign Dhs.200
 Stopping vehicle on pedestrian zone without keeping a safe distance Dhs.100
 Not keeping safe distance from other vehicles Dhs.100
 Parking in NO PARKING area Dhs.150
 Parking on footways (pavements) Dhs.150
 Parking behind parked vehicles Dhs.150
 Parking the vehicle on the left side of the road Dhs.150
 Parking which could endanger the pedestrians Dhs.100
 Failure to take appropriate action when vehicle breaks down Dhs.100
 Not making sure that the car is parked safely Dhs.150
 Vehicle modified without permission Dhs.400
 Use of vehicle for purposes other than designed for Dhs.100
 Vehicle unfit to be driven (not road-worthy) Dhs.150
 Driving a vehicle which is not road-worthy Dhs.150
 Touting for passengers Dhs.50
 Refusal to carry passengers in a taxi Dhs.100
 Carrying more passengers than permitted Dhs.50
 Not displaying approved tariffs in a public vehicle Dhs.150
 Failure to adhere to authorised tariffs Dhs.100
 Excess loading or load protruding more than 1.5M Dhs.200
 Loading a vehicle in such a way so as to cause danger Dhs.100
 Driving without number plates or with one number plate Dhs.200
 Unclear number plates Dhs.150
 Use of horn in restricted areas in a disturbing manner Dhs.100
 Driving without wearing medical glasses or lenses Dhs.100
 Not wearing seat belt while driving Dhs.100
 Not wearing helmet when riding a motorcycle Dhs.200
 Driving a vehicle emitting excessive noise Dhs.100
 Driving at night or in fog without using lights Dhs.150
 Rear and side lights on trailer not provided Dhs.150
 Placing signs on roads which may confuse drivers Dhs.100
 Driving at speed below specified for minimum speed Dhs.100
 Teaching driving without teaching permit Dhs.200
 Teaching to drive without L-Plate Dhs.100
 Not staying in lane when must Dhs.100
 Entering the road without making sure its safe Dhs.200
 Sudden deviation of a vehicle Dhs.150
 Differences between number plates for cab trailer Dhs.100
 Driving in opposite direction to the flow of traffic Dhs.200
 Not giving way to a following car Dhs.100
 Dangerous overtaking by truck drivers Dhs.400
 Overtaking were prohibited Dhs.400
 Vehicles entering the road in dangerous manner Dhs.400
 Towing a vehicle or boat or trailer improperly Dhs.100
 Leakage or falling of materials from vehicle Dhs.100
 Littering road from a vehicle Dhs.100
 Use of rotating multicolored lights Dhs.100
 Modification to vehicle without permission Dhs.100
 Failing to use internal lights in buses at nights Dhs.100
 Not carrying driving license or registration booklet Dhs.100
 Driving taxi with an expired sponsorship Dhs.100
 Carrying passengers in a vehicle used for learning Dhs.100
 Teaching driving beyond permitted time & place Dhs.100
 Violating the rules of trade number plates Dhs.100
 Teaching driving in a vehicle not permitted to do so Dhs.100
 Unfit tyres for driving Dhs.150
 Indicators and/or lights not functioning Dhs.100
 Absence of red light at the rear of vehicle Dhs.100
 Driving a vehicle which causes pollution Dhs.100
 Not having vehicle inspected after modification Dhs.300
 Leaving vehicle on the road with its engine running Dhs.100
 Misuse of parking spaces Dhs.100
 Not fixing reflectors to the rear of the vehicle Dhs.100
 Fixing indecent materials on the car Dhs.100
 Failure to write HEAVY VEHICLE LOAD on its side Dhs.100
 Failure to attach what may indicate excess permit Dhs.100
 Failure to attach TAXI sign in appropriate places Dhs.100
 Not conforming to specified color of taxi or L-Plate Dhs.100
 Not conforming to loading & unloading regulations Dhs.100
 Opening left door of a taxi Dhs.100
 Not wearing specified taxi driver's uniform or unclean one Dhs.100
 Heavy vehicle without the vertical exhaust pipe Dhs.200
 Uncovered load in trucks Dhs.100
 Pedestrians crossing on roads or unmarked crossings Dhs.50
 Driving heavy vehicle in prohibited areas Dhs.100
 Not giving way to pedestrians Dhs.100
 Failing to stop after causing an accident Dhs.100
 Parking infront of water hydrants/or handicapped zone Dhs.100
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