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The Best Perl Tutorial

    Now that you have a brief idea about What is Perl and What can it Do?, you should start learning it.

    For those who don't have any programming knowledge then it will require more effort on your part, but take your time and you will understand everything.

    If you have a little programming knowledge, whether in Basic, Pascal or C, etc., programming in Perl will be simple. The maker of Perl brought the best parts of different languages and combined them all into Perl. For example, in Perl you don't have to define your variables (Basic) and you can increment a variable with '++' (C++).

    I have been programming in Perl for over a year and when I started learning it, I searched all over the internet for good tutorials. I found an excellent Perl tutorial which was very simply explained and until today I still go back to it when I forget things. The tutorial is 6 chapters (short chapters) and it teaches the basics of Perl. This tutorial was written by Jacqueline D. Hamilton and it is available at I have zipped the 6 chapters for your convenience and you can download it from here.

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