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When you are involved in an accident, make sure that people in your vehicle and the other vehicle are not hurt. If anyone is hurt and requires an ambulance, dial 999 and an operator will assist you. If everyone is all right, then look over the damages that have occurred. Call 999 and request for the traffic police and do not move the vehicles. The traffic police will arrive and will evaluate the accident and will fill out an accident form. One copy of the accident form will be given to both individuals in the accident and the license of the individual who caused the accident will be taken. If you caused the accident, you will need to take the form to your insurance company. Whether or not your insurance company fixes your car, they will give you a letter that can be taken to the police station to get your license back. If you didn't cause the accident, then you can take the form to the other driver's insurance company, so that their insurance company can fix your vehicle.

If you caused an accident, then you should know these points

1. Nobody but the police has the right to ask you for your driver's license or car registration.
2. As you have insurance on your vehicle, if the other person asks you for money to fix their vehicle, don't give them any.

If an accident was caused to you, then you should know these points

1. Don't get angry about it because it happens to everyone.
2. If the damages are very minor, then just forget about the incident and go about your business.

Different emirates of the UAE have different procedures involved when an accident occurs -

Dubai - If an accident occurs where both vehicles can be driven, then they should be moved to the side of the road to stop traffic buildup. Those who dont move their vehicle will be fined Dhs. 100.

Ajman - When the police come to the accident seen, they will take the driver's license of the one who caused the accident and will be returned by paying Dhs. 50.

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